Love to Cycle


This blog may be mainly about healthy eating, but it is also about healthy living in general. One of the ways I like to keep fit is by cycling regularly.

Who likes cycling?

Me! [Obviously]

For me, cycling is one of my favourite types of exercise. I love being out in the fresh air cycling, with a trail ahead of me, and good music playing on my iPod

First photo

I’m fortunate in that where I live, there are quite a number of cycle routes I can chose to go. Road biking or mountain biking – there are choices. It’s great! I’m much more of a fan of cycling off-road on woodland trails and nature trails, by rivers, and over different terrains. I find it exhilerating getting the speed up on the bike, and accelerating along a trail and descending down hills. As it is winter in Scotland just now, it is often freezing and frosty but with plenty of thin insulating layers, and training gloves plus mountain biking gloves, I manage to keep warm[ish!] Plus, once I get going the adrenaline gets pumping through me!

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 10.49.30As an artist, too, I really enjoy being out and about seeing the natural beauty of light-dappled woodland trials, the view of glistening water from on a coastal track, and the naturally carved stone inlets and caves of cliffs weathered by the sea. Nature provides endless inspiration for my artistic pursuits. •

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 10.48.41Reflections and shadows are things which I enjoy the most. These two photographs were taken on Saturday while I was out cycling in the countryside along a nature trail. There was frost on the trail but you wouldn’t think it was as cold as it actually was by these pictures!

Cycling photo

I don’t understand people whose sole exercise and fitness activities are confined to the four walls of a gym. I’d much rather be out in the fresh air passing changing scenery! I have been on cycling machines in gyms and every time I’ve been on one, there has been the choice of staring out the window into darkness (it was evening), or staring at my reflection in the mirror. Neither of which appeals to me! Obviously when weather conditions make outdoor exercise impossible, however, I can see why gyms would be useful. But, as for using them on an everyday basis, and never exercising outdoors, I don’t think they will ever be my idea of a good way to spend my money. Each to their own, though. I certainly have quite a few friends who just love going to the gym.

Cycling photoI’m off cycling now! Have a great day,

Helen x

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