It’s 2015!


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This is a quick post to say, firstly, Happy New Year, to all who read this, and secondly, now that the festive period is over with many returning to work today, I will be back blogging more regularly from tomorrow onwards. I will be running some new features, posting a new ‘Shopping Basket’ post, 5 Healthy Savoury Breakfast ideas, and a variety of other content.

Tomorrow I will be posting the first of several smoothie ideas great for making the start of 2015 a healthy one! January is a time of New Years Resolutions which often include some sort of health-related arc whether it be joining a gym, eating healthier, cooking more, or detoxing. These smoothies will be great both for all those wanting to start the year afresh with a healthier lifestyle and, equally, those for whom healthy eating has always been important.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday period and enjoyed time with family and friends.

Until tomorrow, goodbye!

Big love and best wishes for 2015,

Helen x




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