Holidays are coming!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.54.59

The days are duller, temperatures are colder, and the hours of darkness are increasing by the day. Yes, it’s winter in Scotland, UK! Yet, with this time of year also comes the continually expanding build-up to Christmas meaning the darkness is illuminated by Christmas lights and candles, AND, our sense of smell is tempted by the gorgeous scents of Christmas market food, home cooking and products in supermarkets. Also, our eyes are taunted by the visual delights of festive cooking on the TV. Unfortunately smell-o-visions do not yet exist but when it does, I will be first in line to purchase one! All the festivities cheer me up exponentially. Anyway, the point is that in the upcoming days and weeks I will be posting a variety of festive recipes, meal ideas, serving suggestions, and tips! Stay tuned!

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Helen x


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